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Residential Landlord and Tenant

We provide a nationwide fixed fee tenant repossession and eviction service to landlords and letting agents anywhere in England and Wales. However, we don't only look after landlords and letting agents, we deal with a lot of mortgage repossessions. And we don't only deal with repossessions and evictions, we can help with contracts, deposits, disrepair, boundary disputes, antisocial behaviour, rights of way and we've even dealt with manors. We'll always give you 10 minutes free, so why not see if we can help with your property issues.

Mortgage Repossession

Whether you are a lender, borrower, a landlord or a firm of solicitors who just requires representation at a far flung court, we can help, whether it's in London, Newcastle, Kingston upon Hull, Stoke on Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby or Newport. If you need us to conduct the whole process for you, or just represent you at court, we help usually on a fixed fee basis. Our fixed fees start from just £75 inclusive. Whether you are bringing or defending a possession claim, we have the experience of having been involved with well over 10,000 possession claims.

Arrears Recovery

If your tenant or borrower has been evicted (or left) owing arrears, we can help. We can trace the tenant or borrower whether they have fled to London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool or anywhere else in England and Wales, obtain judgment for the arrears, and advise you regarding how to enforce your judgment for the arrears. You may be able to put a charge on their property (charging order), force their employer to pay part of their salary to you (attachment of earnings order), force a third party such as the debtor's bank to pay money or send around high court bailiffs to take their possessions. It's not necessarily true that you can't enforce a judgment against your former tenant or borrower more than six years after it was made.

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