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Fixed Fee Tenant Evictions for Landlords and Letting Agents

We have been involved with well over 10,000 possession claims over the last 10 years. Our firm has every court in England and Wales covered nationwide. Whether your problem tenant is in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester or in fact anywhere in England and Wales, we can manage all or part of possession proceedings for you. As experienced landlord and tenant solicitors, we can advise and assist with evictions, arrears recovery, tenancy deposit disputes, enforcement of judgments, the Possession Claims Online procedure, the Accelerated Possession Procedure, urgent evictions and any other issue you might encounter.

Debt Recovery

Not just for landlords and letting agents although recovery of rent arrears is a regular task here. We can help anyone to recover money that they are owed. Often a solicitor's letter will do the trick. If not, we can advise nationwide on every step and represent you at every court in England and Wales. We can ensure that you receive all the costs and interest to which you are entitled. We can track down missing debtors for you and help you to assess if they are worth pursuing. Whether it's rent arrears, a trade debt, or in fact any debt, we can help you obtain and enforce a judgment.

Dispute Resolution

Where a possession claim or debt is disputed, we can advise nationwide on how to deal with the issue. Whether the issue is one of disrepair, breach of contract, antisocial behaviour or pretty much anything else, we've probably seen it before. Whether it's best dealt with by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or the courts, whether the problem is in Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Leicester, Newcastle or Plymouth, we can help.

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